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What Are Flame Retardants and How do they Work?

Flame retardants have been around for a while, but what they do and why it has become so important for anyone with property to use may still be somewhat of a mystery. You may have found us because you have run into an issue with fire codes that place a nessesity to aquire a flame retardant product, or you have used them in the past but want to understand more.

Flame retardants, as you already know, are used to keep surfaces from igniting. A lot of times, this is done by creating an external or outter barrier that blocks or resists flame from reaching the surface we want to protect. While this can be an effective method, the end result can be expensive and dramatically change the look and structure by adding extra layers and/or textures or the surface. Universal Fire Shield products take a different approach to the way materials can be protected. By affecting the actual makeup of the material, we are capable of more than just repelling flame and fire, as only fire barriers do. Instead, our clear-coating solutions create a non-combustable surface, which fire needs in order to survive. Our products do this by penatrating deep into the surface of the material by way of an intumescent formula that bonds with the applied surface and produces nitrogen and other gases that deplete the oxygen source nesisary for the fire to survive.

Not only is this method effective for so many applications, it is cost effective and easy to use! We put the ability to safeguard your home and property in your hands with an application that goes above and beyond today's fire code standards. A simple use of our flame retardants and save you thousands of dollars while you keep the things you value the most, safe from hazardous flame. From external applications that keep your look and feel in tact where asthetics are important, to full strength support for structural integrity, Universal Fire Shield products have you covered!

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